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Here are my dockapps! Thanks to many people who made the ones that I based my work on.

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wmifinfo is a simple applet showing basic network info for all available interfaces. Why these utility? Beside beside being a excellent desktop Linux offers also a incredible amount of connectivity. If you run things like a http-based content management system, documentation, a defect tracking system or simple a shared drive away from you home base you must connect by ip. You would connect to the DHCP assigned IP shown by wmifinfo like
You can change the interface display with left mouse click. If the NIC is a wireless network interface wmifinfo alternates every 5 seconds to show the wireless signal strength and essid data.
In the wireless mode is shows:
  • Link: cooked percentage value of questionable meaning. 100% is good.
  • Level: Level of RF signal measured by your wifi interface in dBm.
  • Noise: Level of noise measured by your wifi interface in dBm.
  • ESSID: Extended Service Set IDentifier.

Catagory: Network
Authors: Org. Version by Ico Doornekamp, improvments by Andreas Haack
Download: wmifinfo-1.7.tgz

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