Photo Ambition

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Gum, Moscow 1962 versus 2005 Gum, Moscow 1962 versus 2005 Gum, Moscow 1962 (C) Wilhem Kloke versus 2005
My family has a long standing tradition with photography. As far as back in the 1950's and before all my uncles kept on buying the latest photo gear. Thus my childhood is very well documented and there are a lot of memories. My relatives were also very lucky that they could travel the world for business when only the few of the Jet-Set could afford a ticket. The are a lot of photographic documentation of this trips as well.
I really like photography as an expression of art. Something to enjoy an look at. I really discovered photography rather late when I got my first digital camera in 1998. To create something that people enjoy the rules that artists discovered over thousands of years to do painting apply. For me a camera is a tool the must do a job. It must be transportable, not small, but produce top quality photos and be able to catch photos and time constraints and low light. After many more cameras I settled with the Fuji X1e for the time being. It produces excellent image quality but struggles troumendesly with auto-focus and handling. But there is much more to a good photograph then the tool. A photograph boils down to is catching light and geometry. A photographer must have a go eye for composition and light. You need look for the right light, place your subject in the good light, you wait of the right time of the day to catch good light or you light the scene yourself.

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