Import CSV to Excel and avoid text to number conversion


Issues with importing CVS and TOAD

When you import comma separated values from a CSV file or export data with tools like Toad to Microsoft Excel it tries to guess the type of each cell and apply some default formatting.
If you have e.g. Bank account numbers line 1.23456000 or telephone numbers like 0041761234567 which look like numbers to Excel it will strip leading or trailing zeros or turns them into scientific notation and strips leading zeros.
 For example you want to import this values

If you open that file in Microsoft Excel the first three rows are ok but 00123456789123344 will be turned into 123456789123344 and displayed as 1.234567E14 and 1.2345000 as 1.2345

This is very annoying and unacceptable.

How to preserve the text values for those rows

Import as DIF File

Simply rename the file with a .dif extension
   move sample.csv sample.dif

and open it in Excel.

Paste it into a preformated Excel

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