Hill-Hoppers Trip to the Ardèche
Hill-Hoppers Trip to the Ardèche

About 5.5 hours took the trip to the famous off-road terrain "Centre tout terrain" in Rouchepaule in the northern Ardeche. We are passing Lyon on the bypass road. Then we go down the A7 Hi-way in direction Marseille. At exit 12 (Channes) we leave and we follow direction Annonay and further on the D121 direction De Puy. At St Bonnet le Froid we turn left into the D9 and after 7 km we reach the village Devesset. The Camping site is located some kilometer further on the right, our destination for today. Friday we did a Offroad trip. 10 km further we reach the "Centre tout terrain" in Rouchepaule. 16 EUR are charged for one day per 4x4. The terrain is in first place stony and we follow the blue path down hill. The path is relatively simple with several times a little tilted positions. Lorenz explores the terrain with his Trial-G. We go further down hill passing the brook. Now the terrain gets difficult, the path gets smaller and one can only proceed with a sloped position. At many places it way is so worn out that we likely would slide down the hill. Finally the path gets so narrow that we can not proceed anymore. The map is basically for Cross-motor-bikes. It need allot of effort to turn. Now we doing construction work to fix the worn out chunks in order to get back. Markus tries to master a stony path after lunch, with his Jeep Cherokee. It turned out to be a very difficult path and a fallen tree in the way finally stopped him. Damages for this short adventure includes two broken mirrors, three knobs and some scratches the paint. In the evening we do barbecue. On the training terrain near the central office Christoph gave an excellent terrain driving training. He teaches how to pass uneven terrain slowly and save, starting and restating an a slope, passing v-shaped gullies. Finally passing a log and obstacles was exercised. Later I try to buy some gas - which turned out to be a challenge on Saturday evening on the countryside. The gas station belonging to the supermarket Shoppi advertises 24 hour service. Although it is an automated gas station - the EC-card is rejected immediately, and with the credit card I am asks for the type of gas before it is ejected. In the town there is another gas station with historic gas pumps. The second hand furniture store next to it has still open. I ask if I can get gas? Oui - that possible. I ask, more as joke, if I can pay with the credit card? In disbelieve I already fetched cash, when the man says Oui again - but he insists that I pay with the credit card, as I have ask for it.

Greetings from the Ardèche

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