Riga, Latvia - May 2003
Riga, Latvia - May 2003
Bread 800g
0.40 LVL
Meat 1 kg
2.70 LVL
Yougurt 400g
0.37 LVL
Beer 0.5l
0.30 LVL

Amazingly I could not get a map of Riga at the airport. They had a map of Vilnius - the capital of the country in the south - like in Soviet times. At the Info I got a free tourist guide with a small map - at least - and the info from the English speaking staff that bus No 22 departs in front of the terminal to Riga down town. You pay inside to the conductor and charge extra for baggage. Altogether the 20 min. ride to the Bus station costs 0.60 Ls (0.90 EUR). The taxi ride from the center costs 4 Ls for the 5 to 6 km - 0.60 Ls /km I called and got good new renovated room in the Juniks for 14 Ls a nice double room. They are still renovating the old Soviet Hotel and the entrance reception where under construction. You get good value for the price however. Drawbacks are the little hot water coming out the crane, the restaurant has noting to eat but I got a local beer for 0.50 Ls. No telephone in the room. One main light only. No elevator. The store near has open till 21:00. The supermarkets from 00-24 hours.

Greetings from Riga

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