Copenhagen The Capital Of Bicycles

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Danish flag Idyllic view at Nyhavn Monument Bicycles are very popular in Copenhagen shadow

Summertime - we arrive at Copenhagen airport. It is a pleasant 20 Centigrade and raining. We ask the taxi driver if the weather is always this bad. This is nice weather he said it is bad weather when it is storming. This story I was told by my college. When I was there from August to November it was always sunny with a few exceptions and everybody swears that this is exceptional good weather.

Copenhagen's skyline at sunset shadow

Copenhagen is otherwise a very pleasant city which charm of a old harbour city with lots of channels and water and a cosy downtown, allot of strange letters like "æøå¤", in their language that you will not find on your keyboard, money with holes in it. But this morning it was sunny warm weather and I went site-seeing and must they it is a beautiful nice and friendly city. I rented a bicycle to get around. There are many bicycles here and ... blonde girls riding them :ø))).

Idyllic view at Nyhavn Bicycles are very popular in Copenhagen Royal Guards Pantomime woman shadow

I even could think I am in India, because of the many rickshaws, bicycles with a bench that serve as taxies. Like many cities at the sea, Copenhagen has allot of beautiful water channels and a nice historic downtown. So I took allot photos and went to the mermaid the town's world famous landmark. Christian Anderson published his popular fairy tail "The Little Mermaid" in 1837. The story was that the Little Mermaid was the daughter of a sea kings, and she is who is half human and half fish. Once she saved prince from drowning and falls in love with him. She has to wait 300 years on her rock, according tho the story, before she can enter the human world.

Night view from Knipples bridge. In October it gets dark early in the north shadow

In 1909, Carl Jacobsen, founder of the Carlsberg Breweries, saw a ballet based on the fairy-tail and was so fascinated that he let build the stature by Edvard Eriksen and let set it up on the site where it still is today. However there where eight attacks between 1961 and 2003, ranging from painting her in red color to pushing her into sea.

Idyllic view downtown Maybe this is why bicycles are so popular The opera at the habour Snow-White and the seven dwarfs at the wax figure museum at Tivoli shadow


One of the best piazzas I ever had was in the La Vecchia Sirgnorai , Fronnegade 12-14, 1107 Copenhagen K, Tlf 33160048

The famous Mairmaid Us From the x Bridge Couple downtown shadow

"Hoppes bar and cafe" where you can get a variety of delicious, affordable dishes too. It is located down town in Læderstreet parallel to the main shopping street.

La Vecchia Sirgnorai Tourist boot Hoppes bar and cafe in Læderstreet Hoppes bar and cafe in Læderstreet shadow

Getting a meal in Copenhagen after 21:30 can be challenging. If you looking for a restaurant after 22:00 the Rio Bravo might be just the one. The kitchen has open till 4:00 in the morning 7 days a week. As the name suggest is has a fairly nice wester style ambience and dishes. It is located in Vester Voldgade 86, Inner City near Tivoli, Tlf: 33 11 75 87 shadow

Popular load-carrying bicycle used for caring children by the mothers Tower of the Vor Frelsers Kirke (church) Restaurant Rio Bravo Pizzeria La Vecchia Sirgnorai shadow

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