Custom Form Belarus

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img/by-custom-form-front.gif At least at the land borders you will get a custom form exclusively in Russian. I will help you with this translation - with no warranty of any kind of course In general the check boxes are labels δΑ which means Yes and ξΕΤ which means No.

Section 1.

Line Fields
1 Surname, Name, Middle name
2 Country of residence, citizenship, Passport number
3 Which Country you come from, Destination
4 Do you have children? (Yes, No)

Section 2.

2.1 Do you have hand luggage and Number of Pieces
2.2 Do you have cargo and Number of Pieces

Section 3.

3.1 Do you import currency (list the amount in the table below)
3.2 Do you carry weapons (Yes, No)
3.3 Do you carry drugs (Yes, No)
3.4 Do you carry art (Yes, No)
3.5 Do you carry data on mediums (Yes, No)
3.6 Do you carry poison (Yes, No)
3.7 Do you carry radioactive substances (Yes, No)
3.8 Do you carry plants or animals (Yes, No)
3.9 Do you carry radio transmission equipment (Yes, No)
3.10 Do you carry goods liable to duty duty (Yes, No)
3.10 Temporary imported goods (Yes, No)
3.12 Do you bring in an automobile (Yes, No)

Section 4.

on the back side backside
4.1 List items from section 3 in the table
4.2 List details of you automobile

Sign the form

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