Munich and South Bavaria
Munich and South Bavaria

Munich and South Bavaria

There is much more to Munich than the famous Oktoberfest and the city 's reputation as the beer-brewing capital. Munich is an inspiring mix of historic buildings and impressive architecture, Bavarian Food world class museums and art. Munich are one of the few German cities where many citizen still obey a very traditional life style and culture. Beside that it is one of Germany’s High-Tech Centers where many international companies are present. Lets do a relaxing walk though the historic center on this hot and sunny late summer day!

Münchner Stadtmuseum

I found the town museum very impressive. For as little as 5 DEM you can visit very different exhibitions on the four floors. There is a interesting history of Munich exhibitions, impressive historic photo exhibition, paintings, clothes and dolls I spend a day here without feeling bored.

Bavarian and German Food

Bread and Beer is one of the basic elements of Bavarian Food There are all kind of delicious variants of bread. There 300 variants of delicious sourdough based brown bread called Graubrot (grey bread), which has a sour taste, due to the use of sourdough as a leavening agent, and contains rye. The wheat flour based square bread that you buy in the supermarket is called "toast bread" in Germany because this low quality junk food is considered uneatable without toasting it. There are over 2000 kind of different kind of beard in Germany and Beer is so essential in the Bavarian cuisine that it is considered legally a basic food like water or milk.

Visit of Munich's Historic Old Town

We start our tour in at the west at the gate called Karlsplatz - Stachus ❶ . Most dominating the the Karlstor, which was first documented in 1301, a gothic gate of the medieval fortification that surrounded once the old inner city. now we follow the pedestrian and shopping street towards the famous Marienplatz in the center and more are already in site. I make a stop in the Augustiner Keller a famous traditional Cellars pub with selection of Munich-typical specialties and beer. Oktoberfest is approaching fast a I get one of the official Oktoberfest-beer-mugs with a tin lid for 33 EUR (10 EUR without) s a present for a friend. The streets are crowded with tourists and locals that shop on the Saturday. We reach Marienplatz ❷ with an impressive historic selection of buildings in view. In the Middle ages markets and tournaments were held here on this city square. Marienplatz was named after the Mariensäule, a Marian column erected in its centre in 1638 to celebrate the end of Swedish occupation. Today there are offen festivals and events. The square is dominated by the impressive Gothic style New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus) . It hosts the city government including the city council, offices of the mayors and part of the administration since 1874. Before that the government was operating from the Old Town Hall on the other end of the Marienplatz In view is the Frauenkirche ("Cathedral of Our Dear Lady")❸ the town's landmark which we pay a short visit. Hier we got some souvenirs in the traditional mug-shop at the corner. It has a quite impressive selection of authentic mugs. For 1.30 EUR we get admittance to Alter Peter Church ❹ to get a bird eyes view of the city. It is a great experience walk up the 306 steps of the narrow and jammed staircase to the 56 m high platform of this historic building. It is probably Munich oldest point were monks lived around this church on a hill called Petersbergl in the 8th century. The walk way at the platform is even narrower and you have to fight you way around the tower for an impressive view. In good weather it is said that you can view up to 100km. Time to get some Bavarian food and drinks to have as Brotzeit (literarily translated "bread time".) To the south we can the see Viktualienmarkt❺ a daily food market and a square where traditional German Food and is sold in the small authentic traditionally bakeries and butcher. Should we get some tasty Münchner Weißwuascht (white sausage) mit „Brezn“ (Brezel) (pretzel) and the typical sweet mustard or Nürnberger fried sausage with potato salad. or . At least we have to taste some of the 300 variants of delicious sourdough based brown bread called Graubrot (grey bread) with a Wurstplatte, a selection of Bavarian cold meats and sausages always served with red radish: smoked and boiled ham, liver sausage, Schnappswurst, Salamiwurst The national dink is beer and it is served everywhere every time! If you order a beer In Bavaria you a regular size glas of 1.069 liter called Mass. If you only want half a liter you have to order a small beer. Beer is often mixed with lemonade called a Radler (literally "cyclist"), which refers to its reputation as popular sports drink.

Translation of the Brewing Law

How beer is to be brewed and poured out across across the land: We decree, establish and ordain at the behest of the Lords of Bavaria that henceforth in all the land, in the countryside as well as our towns and marketplaces, there is no other policy than this: From Michaelmas until the Feast of St George, one mug or 'head' of beer will not be sold for more than one Munich penny; and from the Feast of St George until Michaelmas, a mug will not be sold for more than two pennies of the same reckoning, and a head for no more than three heller, under pain of penalty. But when one brews any beer (other than Märzenbier), it will under no circumstances be poured or sold for more than one penny per mug. Further we decree that henceforth in all our towns, marketplaces and the whole of the countryside, no beer shall contain or be brewed with more ingredients than grain, hops, and water. He who knowingly violates these laws will be summarily fined a keg of beer, each time it happens. However, if a publician buys one, two, or three Eimer of beer from a brewery in our towns, marketplaces, or the whole countryside, to sell to the local townspeople, to him alone will it be allowed and permitted to sell mugs and heads of beer for one Heller more than is written above. Also the Lords of Bavaria reserve the right to decree appropriate changes to this decree for the public benefit in the event that strong hardship arises from shortages and price increases of grains (since the seasons and the region and the harvest times in our land can vary); in that event the right to adjust the regulations over the sale are explicitly expressed and established.

Map of St Downtown Muenchen

Sourounding and South Bavaria

We reached Ammerssee (Ammer lake), with the public transportation. We walked up the the Andechs Monestry. The abbey of Andechs is a place of pilgrimage on a hill east of the Ammersee in the Landkreis of Starnberg (Upper Bavaria) in Germany, in the municipality Andechs. Andechs Abbey is famed for its flamboyant Baroque church and its brewery, Klosterbrauerei Andechs.. Composer Carl Orff is buried in the church. On Sundays this is a busy place. At the Monestry there is all kind of kiosks and a restaurants selling the all famous Brotzeit (Snack) including Andechser Beer brewed by the monks. We went down to the village searching a quieter place or at least getting a a seat and ended up in an a Restaurant near. The Beer Brewing Law of year 1516 should ensure healthy beer. Raising of the traditional maypole on 1 May in the village square is a cause for much celebration and usually continues with the traditional May Dance.

Greetings from Munich
Andreas and Ha

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