Kreta - Vacation at the root of Europe - May 2014
Kreta - Vacation at the root of Europe - May 2014

Kreta - die Sonne, das Meer und die Wiege Europas - Mai 2014

Many greetings from Rethymnonon the Crete island. With pleasant weather and 27 °C we enjoy the beach hotel. But the second largest island of Greece has not only beach but also a lot of nature and above all the historical sights. It was here that the first advanced civilisation in Europe were located, and its name is derived from the mythological Minor King Minos from whose parents were the gods Zeus and Europa. Already 2000b.c. they built palaces in Knossos, Mallia, Phaistos, and Kato Zakros Galatas. You often see photos of Greek islands Beautiful with beautiful Mediterranean white buildings with blue domes and also blue sea and sky which are supposedly typical of Greek islands. But it is always only a photo of the same building on the island of Santorini.

The hotel and the beach in Rethymnon

The 5-star Hotel Aquila Rithymna Beach is located about 6 km from Rethymnon directly to a public 500 m long sand and pebble beach. It has the charm of a package holiday hotel but offers what you expect from a five star hotel - including the price. A bus stop is right outside the hotel complex, as well as numerous cozy and cheap restaurants with friendly staff, car rentals, shops and a bicycle hire. Restaurants have what we associate with Greek Cuisine: Gyros, perhaps the most famous Greek specialty, is served with french fries and tzatziki sauce on the dish and Greek salad with tomatoes cucumbers, olives and fresh olive oil Cretan sheep cheese.

The Monastery of Arkadi

We rent bicycles at Olympic Bike in Rethymnon and rode to Arkadi Monastery, the 23km southeast on a plateau at an altitude of 500 m. A beautiful tour with 500 meters clim;-)

The south and Chania

We rent a Suzuki Jimny 4x4 and start a trip in the south of Crete. Although it looked from outside pretty good the suspension was broken and we felt every bump. First, we pass over the mountain passes and going through the gorge Kourtaliotiko and go to the monastery Preveli in the south of the island. Now we continue towards Plakias and then along the coast. At the fort Frangokastello we took a break. Who believes the hare romantic fishing villages where you can eat fresh fish in a rural restaurant will be disappointed - that does not exist. Now we head back north and continue for 65km the beautiful old town of Chania and enjoyed a romantic sunset in the beautiful harbor. Along the promenade along the habor, a tourist restaurant winds after another the each claims to be the best. In truth, the food here is here usually not so great and always expensive. We opt for a traditional restaurant and ehr be disappointed.

The Palace of Knossos and Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Since our flight did not depart until 19:15 we checked out of the hotel in the morning and take the bus to Heraklion because Knosos is located just 6 km from the airport and 6 km from Heraklion. The palace complex is reconstructed partially by Arthur Evans and it look pretty realistic and quite impressive. The Archaeological Museum is NOT located here in Knossos in Heraklion but six kilometers away. Here a variety of authentic and historic artefacts are exhibited that offer a glimpse of everyday life in 1500B.C.. The museum is really impressive. In principle, one can also shoot photos of almost everything. Ban signs on individual showcases lead then again to dispute with museums personell.

Andreas and Ha

Ferien in Kreta

From the Anywhere to Knossos

  • The bus from the Hotel in Rethymnon was 15 min late and took 25 min to the Busstation for 5 km (1.10 EUR, 8:30, 8:40, 8:55, 9:20)
  • The bus to Heraklikon was 15 min late and took about 90 min for 65 km (7.60EUR, 9:45,10:00, 11:30)
  • We left our bags at the baggage drop for 2 EUR at the Busstation in Heraklikon
  • Bus to Knossos is well singed
  • Bus to Knossos departs every 10-20 min and takes 15 to 50 min for 7 km and cost 1.50EUR.
  • It took 50 min stop and go to and 15 min back.
  • At the Museums ticket office in Knossos we waited in a line till the road for 30 min.
  • Entrance is 10 EUR for the site and the Museum.
  • The site is interesting
  • The museum is actualy im Heraklion. So you have to take the bus back.
  • The bus No 1 to the airport departs 3 minutes walk from the central bus station
  • It cost 1.30 EUR and takes about 15 min
  • The taxi from the airport to Knossos cost 15 EUR and takes 15 min according to a taxi driver

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