Hiking in France in summer 1996
Hiking in France in summer 1996

I went on a organised group trip to Chartreuse near Lyon in France from 09-08-1996 to 18-08-1996. This active action vacation consist of hiking Trips and other events could be booked. On Friday, 1996-08-0o I boarded the bus in Maastricht at 18:30h, Netherlands. This was an overnight trip going thru Belgium, Luxembrourg, and France. The bus was not very comfortable and when we arrived next morning we were pretty tired. Well we did Experiment - Saturday, 1996-08-10 and walked aside the paths through the creeks. Parapente, which means parachuting in French, was todays activity. Since I had not booked it in advanced I watched the others. OnSunday, 1996-08-10 we did a really long hike though the mountains. We I did a guided execution the Grotte de Mantdrin on Monday, 1996-08-10 which is part of a vast network of caves. As on can see we had the carbon lamps usually used by mine workers. Passing passages where the water reaches your breast or opening where you hardly fit through was pretty exciting and sometimes scary.

Greetings from France

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