An new Melenium in Morocco
An new Melenium in Morocco

What I remember most is the people I meet when I travel. For Morocco that were people begging for money every where and any time. Even the travel guide reported the beggars so my intention was the get some rest and make some bike rides near Agadir. But due to the stinking traffic it actually was almost nowhere fun to ride.

Flight to Agadir


After some discussing I could checked my folding bike for free. The flight Transavia HV 453 departed at 14:00on time and reached Agadir at a quarter to six about sunset. With a prebooked hotel I did not need a passport but cut get in with my local id-card as mentioned on ticked. The bike arrived in one pice without damage. No visa was needed and passport check was done in no time. At customs the officer ask if I had something to declare, then lifted my bag concluded I had nothing to declare, since it was to light, and told me to go thru before I could say something. The SUD BAHIA was a worn down hotel not worth the price I had paid. Even worse when I arrived the room was dirty not cleaned, the ash trays full, the room was stinking from smoke, hair in sink the sink, light bulb was defect. Guess that had to do with Ramadan.

Trip To Teima


/I changed some money at the reception because the bank was closed (Dirham=DH, 10 DH is one EUR which makes USD). It was sunny and warm, around 20°C. I get three bottles of water (4.5 liter) and start a ride direction to Teima. I find my way out of the city From Agadir I ride on the four lane highway which is of fair quality. Incredible that bike ride here where cars go with around 100km/h. I is not much fun riding here. At a intersection I turn to direction Marakesch. This road was in relatively good condition and less traffic as before but got somewhat hilly with the time. I turned left st the intersection to Teima. This was very rough paved side road, of poor quality. Also there was very little traffic (appr. 2 cars an hour) and the nature was beautiful with the mountains in the background (see photo above). I could only ride around 10km/h. Around Teima there are a lot of orange farms. I drive back the main road which is in rather good condition but had rather strong counter wind and a tremendous amount of stinking traffic. At Ait Melloul I ask the two policeman which pointed me the way down. I reach the city limit at 17:45h around sunset. It is still there quarter of an hour until I reached populated city. After sunset the wind stops. The trip was around 100km and I was pretty exhausted.

Inezgane, Ait Melloul


For the strait way out of Agadir direction south just follow Hamman Rue you will reach a round-about with a Shell gas station at the city limit. Just go strait on there is even a bike path at both sides, where pavement is interrupted some times. It is rather fun to ride, depending on the traffic. If you turn right at the barracks before Inezgane you can ride on a silent excellent way for half an hour through the 'Parc National De Sous Massa'. I pass by the Royal Palace which looks impressive. I ask the guard if I can take a picture but he friendly reject my request. It seems to be a military area. Finally I reach the beach. Not that this trip is special in any way but... I drive through Inezgane a dirty average third world town and by a bread for one DH. I continued my way to Ait Meloune thru a terrible traffic jam with all that sinking cars I Ait Melune I again board some bread. On the sidewalk to suspicious guys are walking in my direction one is pointing toward the transformator that crackle and broke witch I was not interested in. The other tried a clumsy to grab my wallet out of my front pocket.



Martin, Lena and I have lunch in a cheap and nice restaurant Les Arcades a little outside the tourist area. Here you can eat like a king for 30 DH unlike in the Tourist area where you spend 200 for the same meal. We really enjoyed the sun. After The meal we go to the garden called Jardin de Olhao. We enjoy the peaceful atmosphere between the palm trees and the buildings and gates staked up from slate stone. You don't here even traffic since it is surrounded by a wall. When I came back another day it appeared to be closed. On the afternoon I went up the with my bicycle the Kasbah a ruin. Mostly tourist are driven up here with Petit Taxis. Some local sportsman ride up with a bike. On my way down 4 young kids try to block my way with the words 'One Dinar' but I escaped luckily. You mostly do it because of the nice view you get over Agadir.



As you can see from the GPS display snapshot below in the Before-After manner a new Millennium has begun.

Trip Home


We departure late afternoon and I could watch the a really impressive sunset for half an hour form the aircraft.

Greetings from Morocco

New Millenium GPS Track

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