Two Month in Dublin Ireland 1991

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I was there for two from 31-07-1991 till 04-10-1991 for my company. When I arrived I was even surprised that they drive on the left - well I thought that was only in England the case. You can see I was not so experienced in travel at the time. I stayed in a typical Bed and Breakfast.
The Youth Hostel Association organized hikes on the weekend for local people. They either rented a bus we took public transportation which really covers even some more remote areas. They had three diffrent levels. As I was fit and really like challenges I have chosen the hardest one. We went 20 miles through the wilderness with no prepared ways. I was really surprised about an elderly lady who was really even fitter then I was.
Also One I walked on the Wicklow Way and met A guy from Belfast.
Buses service were really strange. Some Irish man said buses in Dublin are like elephants - they always come in couples. Well it was that way that on the time table at the bus stop that only had the times when the bus departs from the original departure station, so you depend on local people which know how long it thaes the bus to get here. This could be even over an hour.

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What I remember also are the ways with stone walls stacked up every where.
Also you could drive without a driving license when you had and 'L' placed on the car and someone with a driving license with you. In generally I remember Dublin as pretty dirty. Of course there where the famous beer Guinness every where.

Bed and breakfirst, Guniess, Pubs ... are things I remember.
At the time I was not into photograpy and even had no camera. Photos where taken from PD the Free Public Domain Photo Database. Thanks to the photograper for putting this photos in PD.

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