Norway - Grimstad and Oslo

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Sail boat Typical Church Near the parliament  building Houses typical at night


That mild climate, it is much more like in middle Europe then the Arctic, owes Norway the most northern country in Europe the Gulf stream. With its 387000 sqkm and population of 4.5 million it is rather empty. Norway rich due to oil production. The thousands of Fjords make up much of the topographic characteristic. And it is the most expensive. Average cost are only topped by Oslo the most expensive city in Europe. A small take-away pizza cost around 15 USD and Cheeseburger 5 USD, a beer 5 USD to stay with basic food.


The Storting - The Parliament A Monument or and artist ? Well it is an artist The Royal Palace Another Royal building
Most of the 4.5 million people live in the capital Oslo. It is Europès most expensive city, has lots of shopping streets and an history part where government and royal building s are located.

Shopping street in Oslo Shopping street in the tiny town of Grimstad No definitely not on the MOON Guess


The harbor of Grimstad Shopping street in the tiny town of Grimstad The typical wooden construction of a  church - in Grimstad Fresh shrimp are sold directly in the harbor from a boat.
Grimstad is a little town in the south of Norway were it often rains - Not as often as in the east like in Bergen.

Fjord Cows close to sun set Ship near Grimstad Another ship

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