Military Heritage History Day In Quebec City, Canada September 1999

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Samuel de Chaplain established Quebec City in 1608 making it the first permanent European settlement in Canada. King Louis XIV of France made Quebec Region a royal provenience in 1663. In 1759 British captured Quebec City in the French and Indian war. In 1763 Britain took over Quebec.

Panoramic view of the Chateau Frontenac and the Lorenz river

Today we went up to Quebec to take part in the celebration of that battle with Military Heritage History Day in Quebec city. One may wonder why a city which is proud of there French Roots actually celebrates it's defeat? Me too! - or maybe I got something wrong.

Canadian railroad time table Canon in front of the history house Tower Traditional dressed couple on history day

Quebec is the largest Provence in Canada with a population of 7,138,795. The capital of Quebec is Quebec City.
The Storting - The Parliament Chateau Frontenac Window painting in the Notre Dame, Quebec The Royal Palace

The Battle

The battle

Families an kids had to arrange in the original battle formation of that time. We also got some accessories. At the end they decided that no side had won in contrast to the historic result.

The Battle The Battle The Battle The Battle

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