Dahab Sinai, Egypt, 2001-07-31 to 2001-08-07

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Egyptian Flag Papyrus drawing store in Dahab Camels at sun set Beduin taking me to Dahab
The trip starts like always bargaining for a taxi from the airport. In general prices relate to bus prices. If the last bus is gone or there is not bus stop near prices are considerable higher. The bus goes 10km west from the airport to Dahab and costs 15 LE (1 EUR = 3.75 LE). Taxi cost 10 to 15 LE for the 110 km to Dahab, but you have to wait until all 8 seats are occupied or pay for the missing seats.

Sun rise

It is pleasant 34 deg Celsius, and I got a Beduin taking me to Dahab. He wanted to convince me to came with him to Nuweiba/Tarabien but I confirmed later that this place is empty now. There are still Israelis coming! But they go to Sharm el Sheikh now a days since they sink it is safer.

Sinbad camp Beach restaurant Beach restaurants illuminated at night View from my room

I stayed at the Sinbad camp for 15 LE per. In general at the southern beach the are the expensive hotels ranging around 100 LE and above and in the norther part the cheap once from 10 to 50 LE. There are many restaurants long the beach. I liked the Jasmine Pension & Restaurant most south which was quiet and nicer.
Sachla is one delicious desert. It is made of bananas and served hot.

Surfing, camel- and horse riding are favorite sports

You can scuba dive here but I rented a snorkel and glasses for 5 LE a day and were swimming at the Lagoon 5 km in the south.
The Lighthouse in the north is also a beautiful place to dive.

Diving at the Lagoon

Busses from Dahab to Sharm el Sheikh depart a 8:00, 13:00 22:30.

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