St Louis - The Gateway to the West 1994

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Last Revised: $Revision: 1.3 $, $Date: 2000/10/01 00:31:59 $


I was there in July and August 1994 for a project with Southwestern Bell. People there are very nice and it is easy to get contact with them, so I enjoyed this stay very much. Also I started inline skating here with a fellow worker at Forestpark. In summer you have high humidity (80-90%) and temperature in the 80-96 F° caused by the neighborhood of Mississippi and Missouri river.


Some of my fellow workers at South western Bell. They where very helpful. Tom Deimel called him self (or was called?) 'Krusty the clown' because he had 'Simsons' stuff all over his office. He also wrote the famous newsletter. David called 'Super Dave' was the chief developer. Jim Kaiser the Tandem specialist.


The One Bell Center with 47 floors. My office was at the 17th. Well when you are from Europe those skyscrapers are impressive at the first encounter. St Louis has a very nice downtown in my opinion. When there is a thunderstorm the echo is impressive.

The wonderful Arch is 602 feet high. I was up there. There are small cabins that get you up and at the top you can view the landscape through the tiny windows.


The David a fellow worker I board inline skates to make my first skating experience. You can see I am still not very confident on those skates.

Life and Entertainment

The Majestics hotel was extremely nice and just opposite from One Bell Center.
The Union Station was the place to go out in the evening and they often had with live music. The Union Station is still a train station where one train or so departs a day but most of is know a shopping center and pubs. One man was very exited that he could get a cellular phone for just 24.99 USD.
The trusty Midwest People
I met two girls at Union Station and one was a sales person, aparrently a good one, for medical equipment. She, lets call her Mary, was from New York. A man was going to sit next to her and intrudurced him self 'Hi, I am Eric'. He looked like a bar manager to her, although he did not mention it. Mary went to the counter and said 'Eric said we get free beer'. We got ten beer out of this trick. She told be you would never get through with that in New York. People are very trusty here.

Most of the my spare time I was inline skating at Forestpark. One hot Sunday I did that eight times the six miles (makes 48 miles) and went to the the zoo near there. The zoo entrance is free. I also enjoyed walks or skating along the Mississippi river.

At a time there was the 'German Street Festival' where they had terrible German Becks bear and sausages and people in T-shirts written "Deutschland über alles" on it.

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