Vilnius, Lithuania, May 2002 and December 2003

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I alway confuse Vilnius and Riga. Both are capitals with and historc old town. Vilnius is a tiny, quite nice and not very crowded. You aready see it at the airport. Within 20 seconds one could reach any faccility. The taxi the the train station costs 36 LTL. Like I was told before prices for taxies are always twice as hi when you drive to the airport. The downtown presents itself very western like you are used to it. And going out is cheap. For 3 LTL (0.85 EUR) you get a beer at the Airport Bar! And a Steak with Potato costs 24 LTL ( 7 EUR) at a retaurnt downtown. Rooms are more regular prices. In the Ecotel I paid 169 (50 EUR) for a nice singel room which is considerd cheap. I is arounf 15 min to walk to the downtown from the Ecotel. It was miuns 5 C and I walked for some hours through the city. There are some local clubs fro the locals. In the small down town there are some restaurants with a nice ambianete but only a view folks hanginf around.

Area view of Vilnius

The bus at the Airport departs a 20 minutes past the hour. A taxi costs 35 LTL to the city center and 25 from the city center to the airport.

I was scheduled to arrive in Vilnius at 16:05 but the flight to Vilnius was canceled and after going through a whole lot of trouble I arrived at 21:20 at the tiny Vilnius Airport. Picking up my baggage and passport and customs just took 2 minutes, but I was worried to find a hotel in the raining night - and how to get down town. Luck was on my site, I met Christine from Stockholm. She used to live in Vilnius and is on Business trip. She or better her company payed for the taxi and I got a room in 'her' Hotel Elektra for 250 LTL. She explained that taxies from the Airport are with around 35 LTX, twice as expensive as to the airport.
Sugar 3.08 EUR/kg Cold Cut 7-12 EUR/kg
Mineral Water 5l 1.39 EUR Beer 4 EUR/l
Cola 3.39 2 EUR/l Apples 1.39 EUR/kg
Graipfruit 4.45 EUR/kg Potatoes 3 EUR/kg

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