The Magnificent Hotel Pardenn In Klosters
The Magnificent Hotel Pardenn In Klosters

New Year 2009 In The Hotel Pardenn

To welcome the New Year in the Hotel Pardenn in Klosters in Switzerland is a special affair. Every year about the same well mixed international audience gather in the noble saloon of the hotel. The evening starts with the champagne reception at 19:00. Most men are nobly dressed according to their origin. For most men this means an elegant evening suit with bow tie. Of course Scottish men come in a kilt and English in a colorful checked outfit. The nice company creates an atmosphere of joy and there is a lot to talk about what happened during the year. At about 20:00 the band starts to play and the nine course dinner is served which plenty of time in between the courses. People entertain and relax between the courses with dancing and small talk. Now it is time to toast the new year with stylish champagne glasses: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 - Happy New Year! After watching the fireworks dancing continues in the hotel bar.

Happy New Year

Chronic Of The Hotel Parden - Early Yeary

The Hotel Pardenn was one of the oldest hotels in Klosters, Switzerland and was situated in a sunny and quite location and offers it's guests excellent relaxation. It first opened its doors on December 10th 1924 offering 40 guest beds. One of the sensational innovations it offered to the first winter guests was hot running water in the rooms private bath, something unknown at the time. Four years later, in 1928, 30 beds and a lift were added the hotel and in 1932 a dining room was available to the guests. In order it satisfy the demand the number where increased to 85 beds. The pitched roof was converted to a flat roof in 1934, which resulted in today appearance.

Flower Power - The Big Renovation Of The Hotel

After a long break Mr and Misses Grässli decided for another big renovation in 1968. Mr Grässly increased the number of beds to 140 by by rebuilding the west wing with every imaginable comfort. A modern indoor pool and a gym was added and a sauna and massage salon were included. To the ladies the most exclusive beauty salon available. Cars could be parked in the indoor garage. In summer guests could relax the outdoor pool and sunbath on grass. All 140 beds are located in the spacious apartment rooms with a large sundeck. In 1974 the Pardenn Hotel was the most comfortable Hotel of it's time in Klosters.

The End

After Lucienne Grässli death the descendants wanted to capitilize and replace the hotel with secondary residences apartments. This failed due to the neighbours resisted and the hotels was operated until 2011 in its current state. The plan was then to demolish the old hotel and rebuild it as a modern the 4-Star-Superior-Hotel Pardenn with 180 beds and 17 secondary residences apartments for 90 million CHF. The old hotel was demolished in 2011 and the new one was scheduled to be completed in summer 2015. The building permission was granted on 29 Juli 2013 by the city administration in Klosters and the construction was scheduled to start in spring 2014. Then the geothermal energy from the Vereinatunnel was considered as an environment friendly source. This would delay completion until end 2017. Finally the deal with the investors could not be closed and therefor all plans had to be canceled in May 2014. The area is just used as a garden.

Plaese Help

I would like to give a more complete history of the Pardenn Hotel . If you can provide and history information, facts, price info, photos, bills or other illustrative material before 1980 I would be grateful. Please contact me with this link.

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